I get my inspiration from people. I love to travel, to experience the space and surroundings of other humans and to stare into their eyes to feel their personalities. My design comes from the feeling of what I'm portraying. Though I have done most of my professional work in more specific niches, it's the books I read, the movies I watch, the places I go and the feeling I get from finishing a project that feed my creativity.

I grew over eight years to become the brand and content specialist with a local fitness studio that stole my heart and helped to develop me, both personally and professionally, into a more confident woman ready to embrace my true self. I have loved the creative freedom of working for a small business and with my freelance clients. I design marketing material, print and digital ads, merchandise, product branding and have started filming and producing videos. 

I possess a fly on the wall skill to interpret new brands quickly, work with clients easily and professionally and learn the skills I need to complete projects whether they were in my existing toolbox or not. A lifetime student, I have turned my home office into my own personal classroom with the help of constant design skill enhancement videos and articles.


Adobe Creative Cloud, especially Illustrator and Photoshop. Basic Premier Pro and video filming and production. Slight familiarity with HTML & CSS and web design, especially Live Edit, WordPress, Wix and Kajabi. (I can do more than edit the templates.) Social Media whiz. Email campaigns in Constant Contact and MailChimp for 10,000+ subscribers. Microsoft Office. And any other program I need to learn.



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