Below are two examples of projects I've created in Kajabi - strengthening my professional confidence and proving to myself that I am capable in whatever I choose to be, and can pretty much kick it with any new program thrown my way.

Kajabi Sweat Lab

In a quick turn of events, Fusion Fitness decided to use a product called Kajabi to launch a (yet to be created) video series called Great in 8 - and on top of creating this, ultimately wanted to transfer all video sales from their old hosts at Cleeng and Vimeo to Kajabi.

I am woman, hear me roar.


Great in 8

Over a three month period, the Great in 8 Program was born, brought to life and introduced to the world (with close to $30,000 in sales in two months.)

The Back Story

I filmed, edited and produced eight 30-minute videos with one month to get the videos from my iPhone 7 Plus, through Premiere Pro (an Adobe product I had never used) and into their beautiful digital Sunday best (all designed and created by me.) 

In the meantime I skipped the third date rule and went all the way with Kajabi, learning the program and figuring out the most efficient way to get the organization I wanted on a limited template-based system (and learning how to compress video files to get the highest quality on an afterthought of a 2GB max per upload.)

In the (extra?) meantime, I was also creating the layout for eight 15-page PDF files containing the nutrition portion of the program, designing the covers and marketing materials and working with Fusion's owner on creating Facebook and Instagram ads.

It was extremely stressful at times, yet one of my favorite projects I've created. Did I feel like God on the seventh day when our launch date arrived? Yes. Yes I did.

Kajabi Mint Aesthetics

When my freelance client approached me to design Kajabi landing pages for her client, Mint, to market products that were already created I was like is that all ya got? Easy peasy after my Great in 8 launch.

And this is why I hold dear to my heart the idea that every new experience is an opportunity for growth. Great in 8 gave me the skills and confidence to give Mint exactly what they wanted in very little time.