I delight in bringing stories to life by helping others discover what a business has to offer through their website. Through simple design, font choice, use of white space and beautiful photography, I make the first impression a lasting and enjoyable experience.



Austie Strong

This website of the non-profit started by my dear friend upon her son's diagnosis of leukemia is a small dedication to the love I feel for them. My goals in creating this site included giving them a beautiful space to display and further their purpose, making registration for the golf tournament simple, and celebrating the power of one family's ability to make a difference in a community.

Fusion Fitness

I loved the organizational challenge of designing the Fusion Fitness website - choosing the font, feel and imagery to represent a studio I love was an honor. I was able to present to the world my interpretation of what this studio means to me and met my goal of offering the best representation and UX to make each user visit easy, informative and beautiful. 

The website was live 2014-2019, and has since been updated.

Jordan Allyn

Performance Horses

I designed this site for my clients needing a home base to display their growing business and provide easy access for new customers and those searching to purchase horses. They wanted it simple and to the point, with little flair and a lot of action shots. 

KC Wildflower

To display the kindness and thought behind each flower bouquet my client made for her clients, I needed simplicity and imagery of her own work. As a budding business, she needed a site to showcase her talents, provide contact information and begin to accrue testimonials and spread the word. We did this beautifully. I also designed her logo, one of my favorites.

Bluestem Transportation

This project was fun because it was out of my industry working with a trucking transportation brokerage. I wanted big images, organized information and a simple, one page design with ease of accessibility. Another fun element was writing about a subject I was completely unfamiliar with; I learned a lot and enjoyed translating industry terms into easily digestible pieces.

Battlebags KC

Another lovely non-profit I had the honor of working for, Battlebags KC needed a design to encompass the fragility of their work while providing a place for people to donate and come together. I used muted colors with modern design elements, minimal text and ease of operation to get users to their destination quickly. This site is in the final stages and should be live by the fall.

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